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The National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts (NAME) was founded in 1972 under the guidance of Allegra Mott. We are an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to serving the miniature collector and builder, through sharing ideas and experiences among our members. For more information about NAME visit the NAME website at miniatures.org.

The NAME Museum is located on the first floor of the NAME house located at 130 N Rangeline Rd in Carmel, Indiana. (This is also the home of the NAME office.) The Museum was created to preserve unique miniature collections in a museum setting open to the public.

So what are some of these unique collections? The Museum houses collections of centerpieces and souvenirs from almost all of the National Conventions and Houseparties beginning with the first National Convention in August 1973 held in Louisville, KY.

And to help you better understand the importance of the miniatures that you will see in our museum, we need to explain a bit about NAME. Each year NAME holds a NATIONAL CONVENTION and usually a smaller event, a regional HOUSEPARTY. These Conventions and Houseparties are gatherings of like minded miniature enthusiasts who come together to play and learn all about the miniatures world. It is an opportunity to meet others with the same passion; those who want to learn new techniques, view fantastic exhibits, take workshops from world renowned artisans, and exchange ideas about building and collecting miniatures.

And, at these events, there are wonderful Centerpieces, Souvenirs, table favors and door prizes.

• All tables feature a CENTERPIECE at each of the meal functions. These are miniature scenes, depicting the Convention or Houseparty theme, which various NAME members have created. There is a drawing and a winner at each table receives the centerpiece. There is also a Centerpiece selected to be donated to the Museum.

• SOUVENIRS are specially made gifts for each Convention or Houseparty registrant. Souvenirs are limited editions and made only for that event.

The Museum also houses a collection made up of the miniatures donated by each of the ACADEMY OF HONOR (AOH) miniature artisans. NAME annually selects no more than three members of NAME whose talent, leadership and achievements have helped determine and preserve the art of miniatures to be added to the rolls of the Academy of Honor.