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Getting Started

New to our site? Here are some hints on how to use it.


Item. An item is an item, a physical item from our museum collection. It might be a centerpiece or a souvenir or something else, but it is a single item (or sometimes a set of items).

Collections. Collections are a way to group items together in a meaningful way. Examples of collections are Centerpieces, Souvenirs, or AOH Artisans. (AOH is the Academy of Honor and most Academy of Honor recipients donate a piece that they have made to our museum.)

Exhibits. Exhibits are another way of grouping items together. For example, we might have an exhibit that will include all of the items associated with a given houseparty, including the centerpieces, souvenirs and committee gifts so you can easily see everything in one place.

Things to Do:

1. Want to look through all the items in our museum? You can do that easily. Click Browse Items, then Browse All. You can sort if you want (e.g., by artist or title/name of the items.) If you click on an item, you'll find links for previous item or next item at the bottom of the page, so you can easily walk through all of the items. By the way, click on the photos to get even bigger photos to see more details.

2. Want to look at just a subset of the items? You can do this by clicking Browse Collections. Click on the link next to a collection that says, "View the items..." and you'll be taken to the Browse Items page, but with just the items in that collection. Click on an item and you'll see the previous and next item links at the bottom of the page.

3. Want to see a specific item or items by a specific artist, for example? Click Browse Items and then click Search Items. Enter an item name (e.g., camera) in the Search by Keyword box to see all our cameras. Or enter an artist name (e.g., Koplin) to see items by that artisan.

4. Want to see a special exhibit? To find our exhibits, click Browse Exhibits and choose the Exhibit you want to view.