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Box of Red Roses

2007 NC Red Roses.jpg
Long, white rectangular box of long stemmed red roses tied with a red ribbon; roses lay in a piece of tissue paper.

Champagne Set

2007 NC Champagne Set.jpg
Silver-colored metal tray with open bottle of champagne on it and 2 filled champagne glasses; bottle stopper laying on tray.

Wardrobe Trunk

2007 NC Wardrobe.JPG
Medium brown leather on wood, vertical wardrobe trunk; right side has 4 wooden drawers with leather-covered fronts; on the bottom of the left side there is a storage area with lift-up lid; this side also has a clothes bar coming out from the back…

Red Sequined Dress on Mannequin

2007 NC Red Dress.jpg
Red sequined strapless dress on a mannequin; red sheer scarf/stole tied around neck and flowing down sides and back; sequin patterns varied slightly on the dresses.

Centerpiece for "That's Entertainment"

2007 NC Centerpiece.jpg
Theatre setting; marquee in black and white on top says “NAME-2007 National Convention-“That’s Entertainment”. Theme of centerpiece is Isbsen’s “A Doll’s House”. It has an open door with wreath on it and a gentlemen with top hat…

Working Clock

2006 NC Working Clock.jpg
Regulator-style clock made of walnut from an antique cabinet. Has battery-operated working gold-rimmed clock. Laser-work design around clock. Round Plexiglas covered circle allows viewer to see pendulum.

Open Books

2006 NC Books.jpg
Three different books were made: Art Book, Cook Book and Children’s Book. Each book opens to center with bookmark made of thread. Children’s book features “Dick and Jane”. Art book features classic paintings. Each attendee received one of…

Cherry Book Stand

2006 NC Book Stand.jpg
Cherry book stand on 4 small legs with lid raised.

Book Room Box Kit

2006 NC Book Roombox.jpg
Book room box front looks like group of books with framed window and brick facade. The front is made of molded resin. Came as kit with 3 different book jacket options (cookbook, art books or history books) to put on the front. Also, included…

Centerpiece from "Tell Me a Story"

2006 NC Centerpiece.jpg
White round base with a fairy garden scene; base says “From deep in the woods, when spring arrives, the little fairies come out to play. They sprinkle some magic fairy dust and spread their blossoms for all to see. But when we look for them, where,…