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Box of Red Roses

2007 NC Red Roses.jpg
Long, white rectangular box of long stemmed red roses tied with a red ribbon; roses lay in a piece of tissue paper.

Spooky Tree Accessories

2017 Scranton HP Spooky Tree Accessories.jpg
Accessories for the spooky tree include a square base for assembling a scene, 3 packets of landscaping material, 3 gravestones, and two sections of white skeleton fencing. Also a table, chair, and lamp to furnish the room in the tree are included.

Inglenook Roombox Accessories

2016 Greenville Inglenook Roombox Accessories.jpg
Variety of items to add to the inglenook including a table, silver smoking stand, phone, Art Deco plaques, The Great Gatsy (book), champagne in ice bucket, table runner, rug, and silver flask.

Inglenook Roombox

2016 Greenville Inglenook Roombox.jpg
Framed roombox dsplaying a Frank Lloyd Wright style inglenook