Centerpiece from "Castles and Cottages"

2008 NC Centerpiece Inside.jpg
2008 NC Centerpiece Outside.jpg


Outside: English Tudor cottage with brown-washed cream-colored stucco; has a bay extension to the front with large window and peaked roof; roofs are shingled; stone shield with “N” on it under front window; sign hanging off the window says “Antique and Rare Books”; has brick chimney on side; front foundation has 2 alcoves holding firewood; pink rose vine goes up the one side of the front bay; both sides have a large window and a small one above it.
Inside: Back bay wall has a wooden window seat under the window with a burgundy cloth seat on it; both side walls have bookcases that reach to the ceiling filled with books; there are some books on the floor; has chair with books in it; has wood stove on the right side; there is a cat chasing a mouse in the room.


Castles and Cottages


36th National Convention, July 24-27, 2008, Nashua, New Hampshire


1/12 or 1" scale