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Centerpiece from "Playthings Past & Present"

1997 NC Centerpiece.jpg
Square wooden base with green and white checkerboard paper flooring; has 2 light yellow walls together forming a corner; on the inside there is a table with a red and white dollhouse on it; there are also 3 unopened presents on the table and opened…

1950’s Television Set

1994 NC TV.jpg
Walnut wooden frame, small screen with black and white picture, two speakers, one on each side of the screen; black mesh in back; electric cord and plug.

1950’s Style TV Table

1994 NC TV Table.jpg
Small walnut table with tall thin legs.

Pinball Machine

1994 NC Pinball Machine.jpg
White with gold trim and letters; back has glittery pictures of car, record and sod; working part has teenagers doing the Lindy, says “The 50’s NAME 94." Switch turns on lights when attached to battery. Lights flash. Also, received a paper…

Centerpiece from "A Trip To The Fifties"

1994 NC Centerpiece.jpg
Base of centerpiece is a black record player; scene is built on a 78 RPM vinyl record; outside is white stucco with irregular shaped window with small grid like panes; there’s a record on the wall that says “Columbia Records”; also a black…

Box of Red Roses

2007 NC Red Roses.jpg
Long, white rectangular box of long stemmed red roses tied with a red ribbon; roses lay in a piece of tissue paper.

Champagne Set

2007 NC Champagne Set.jpg
Silver-colored metal tray with open bottle of champagne on it and 2 filled champagne glasses; bottle stopper laying on tray.

Wardrobe Trunk

2007 NC Wardrobe.JPG
Medium brown leather on wood, vertical wardrobe trunk; right side has 4 wooden drawers with leather-covered fronts; on the bottom of the left side there is a storage area with lift-up lid; this side also has a clothes bar coming out from the back…

Red Sequined Dress on Mannequin

2007 NC Red Dress.jpg
Red sequined strapless dress on a mannequin; red sheer scarf/stole tied around neck and flowing down sides and back; sequin patterns varied slightly on the dresses.

Centerpiece from "That's Entertainment"

2007 NC Centerpiece.jpg
Theatre setting; marquee in black and white on top says “NAME-2007 National Convention-“That’s Entertainment”. Theme of centerpiece is Isbsen’s “A Doll’s House”. It has an open door with wreath on it and a gentlemen with top hat…