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Porcelain Baby

1983 Natl Porcelain Baby.jpg
The souvenir was only the baby and did not include dress or other accessories

Casting Couch

1982 Natl Casting Couch.jpg
Dark stained wooden frame with deep blue leather cover couch head slopes up 4 legs gold trim along edge of leather

Director's Chair

1982 Natl Director's Chair.jpg
Wooden chair with legs forming an "X"; cream colored heavy cloth seat and back; chair has wooden arms.

Movie Camera

1982 Natl Movie Camera.jpg
Metal black movie camera with hand crank from about the 1930's made of lead mounted on a tripod

Plate with teddy bear or baby on it

1983 Natl Baby Plate.jpg
Either ceramic plate is white and printed in brown; has “N.A.M.E….1983 Houseparty” printed on it.


1983 Natl Cradle.jpg
Wooden cradle with satin covered mattress and pillow.

Crocheted Coverlet

1983 Natl Crocheted Coverlet.JPG
Crocheted Coverlet made of ecru crochet thread.

Centerpiece from “Hollywood-The Golden Years”

1982 Natl Centerpiece.jpg
Raised platform with dress form dressed in pink gown of Glinda, the Good Fairy of the North from “The Wizard of Oz.” Also includes her silver crown, silver wand, and Dorothy’s red shoes. Sign on corner reads “The Wizard of Oz, Designer…

Centerpiece from the 1st National Convention

1973 Natl Centerpiece.jpg
Two story house wood block house painted in tropical colors with an an artificial fern attached to back of the house.

Brass Coatrack

1973 Natl Coatrack.jpg
Brass coatrack.