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Pottery Jar

2008 NC Souvenir Castle Side Focus on Pottery Jar.jpg
Light gray, glazed pottery jar with a deer with antlers sitting in front of a fence; design in done in royal blue

Rustic Table

2008 NC Souvenir Castle Side Focus on Rustic Table.jpg
Rustic, gray-washed rectangular table with square legs; top is 2 boards with nail impressions in them.

Flower Arrangement

2008 NC Souvenir CottageSide Focus on Flowers.jpg
Black & gold vase with flower arrangement of 4 rose/pink colored tulip and 3 white narcissus with several green, long narrow leaves.

Black Half Round Table

2008 NC Souvenir CottageSide Focus On Half Round Table.jpg
Black, half-round table with 3 tapered legs.

Souvenir Display Base & Wall

2008 NC Souvenir Castle Side.jpg
Foam core wall with a different room on each side; one side is the inside of a colonial cottage with a window with white drapes and olive green woodwork and chair rail; has a gold and green stenciled-like border at top; other side is an indoor, gray…

Centerpiece from "Castles and Cottages"

2008 NC Centerpiece Inside.jpg
Outside: English Tudor cottage with brown-washed cream-colored stucco; has a bay extension to the front with large window and peaked roof; roofs are shingled; stone shield with “N” on it under front window; sign hanging off the window says “Antique…

Sterling Silver Fruit Bowl

1997 NC Double Bookcase Focus on Bowl.jpg
Sterling silver fruit bowl on pedestal; NAME 25th engraved on bottom.

Metal House Bank

1997 NC Double Bookcase Focus on Bank.jpg
Green metal house with red roof on brass base; it is a bank; base has inscription “1972 NAME 1997”.

Noah's Ark Pull Toy

1997 NC Double Bookcase Focus on Pull Toy.jpg
Noah’s Ark pull toy with Noah on boat and 2 giraffes sticking heads out through roof; pig and cow looking out windows.

Double Bookcase

1997 NC Double Bookcase.jpg
Double bookcase with lazer cut trim across the top and toy chest on bottom right hand side. Size: 7” h x 6” w x 1 ¼” d