Centerpiece from "That's Entertainment"

2007 NC Centerpiece.jpg


Theatre setting; marquee in black and white on top says “NAME-2007 National Convention-“That’s Entertainment”. Theme of centerpiece is Isbsen’s “A Doll’s House”. It has an open door with wreath on it and a gentlemen with top hat standing by it. Back wall has a ½ round table against it with 2 silver candlesticks and a silver tray with 2 glasses and a silver urn on it. Setting contains 2 chairs, one with a tambourine with ribbon streamers on the seat. Gift box with beige dress in it is on table. Female doll in gray and burgundy Victorian dress stands next to it. Doll has bouffant hair style and hands folded in front. Centerpiece is color coordinated in beige, burgundy and gray. Descriptive book telling about the centerpiece and its story is on the back. Made by Susan Johnson, Brookesville, FL.


That's Entertainment


35th National Convention, July 19-22, 2007, Orlando, FL


1/12 or 1" scale