Centerpiece from "Playthings Past & Present"

1997 NC Centerpiece.jpg


Square wooden base with green and white checkerboard paper flooring; has 2 light yellow walls together forming a corner; on the inside there is a table with a red and white dollhouse on it; there are also 3 unopened presents on the table and opened ones on the floor with tissue paper scattered around; framed picture of a woman is leaning against the wall; a dark chair to the right of the table with a tool kit (by Brooke Tucker) on it; a girl doll,( by Pat Boldt) dressed in pink dress with lace trim, stands next to the table; she has a big bow in her hair; on the one wall is says “Birthday Memories”. On the other wall it says “Happy memories keep the past ever present” and “from Vickie, Pat and Brooke. On the back side of one of the walls it says “Happy Birthday” surrounded by drawings of toys and a Victorian house; outside of the other wall there is the Houseparty logo, a drawing of a San Francisco style house and says “designed by Vickie”


Playthings Past & Present


25th National Convention, July 17-20, 1997, Kansas City, Missouri


1/12 or 1" scale